Dublin City Centre organization

THE MAJORITY OF begging in Dublin city centre is of an organised nature, the head of an organisation representing thousands of businesses in the capital has said.
Richard Guiney, the head of DublinTown, <a href="http://www.adon-jewelry.com/" style="color:#333333; text-decoration:none;">Handmade accessories</a> said that current begging legislation “isn’t worth the paper it’s written on” and called on the government to do more to tackle the problem.
“Certainly we would see that the majority of the begging in the city would be of an organised nature,” he told reporters on O’Connell Street this morning.
Guiney went on to say that it is the biggest issue in the city today, saying it is “definitely impacting on people’s enjoyment of the city”.
He added: “We would see pitches in the city that are basically one person goes, another person comes and there’s a bit of interaction – it’s almost a changing of the shifts.
“We would also have observed people collecting money from people who are begging on the street. It’s like a cash collection in a shop and certainly prima facie [evidence] from where we’re at <a href="http://www.flowers-hk.com/product01.html" style="color:#333333; text-decoration:none;">flower shop in hk</a>.”
He was speaking at the launch of DublinTown, the new name for the Dublin City Business Improvement District (BID) which is made up of 2,500 businesses in the capital’s city centre.
Dublin City BID was established six years ago with the aim of winning back customers in the wake of the financial collapse and providing a strong city destination for tourists.
Guiney said the name change made sense given that most people living in the capital refer to the city centre as “town”. “It has an awful lot of resonance with the general public,” he said.
He also said he supported the Lord Mayor Christy Burke’s call for a task force to tackle the drugs problem in the city but Guiney claimed that despite its reputation O’Connell Street is “probably one of the safest streets” in the capital <a href="http://www.flower-corporation.com/flower-shop.html" style="color:#333333; text-decoration:none;">flower shop</a>.
“It’s an extremely safe street,” he said while acknowledging there is a “reputational” and “perception” issue.
Guiney claimed that there were just 18 assaults on the busy city centre street last year out of a footfall of around 27.5 million people. He said that most of the people involved in the assaults knew each other.

To change the name of the Messiah

Lu Ann Ballew said at the time that Messiah was a title held only by Jesus Christ. Ballew's attorneys have argued that she was acting in the child's best interest because having the name Messiah could make his life difficult nuskin hk.
Board of Judicial Conduct Disciplinary Counsel Tim Discenza said in a phone interview that a panel of the board voted unanimously in Dandridge for a public censure. Discenza said public censure is the probably most serious sanction the board could take against Ballew, given that she already lost her position as a magistrate.
The decision for which Ballew was censured came in August, when Jalessa Martin and Jawaan McCullough appeared before Ballew at a child support hearing in Newport about their 7-month-old son Messiah Martin. As part of the hearing, the father requested the baby's last name be changed to McCullough.
Ballew surprised both parents by ordering that the baby's name change to Martin McCullough. Ballew's decision was overturned in chancery court a month later, and both parents agreed to name the baby Messiah McCullough.
Ballew spoke to a local television station after she changed Messiah's name, Cellmax saying, "The word 'messiah' is a title that has only been earned by one person, and that one person is Jesus Christ."
Her decision quickly made international news, prompting the Wisconsin-based Freedom from Religion Foundation to file a complaint with the Board of Judicial Conduct
As a child support magistrate, Ballew served at the pleasure of the chief judge of Tennessee's fourth judicial district. He replaced her last month, but Ballew still had to face the disciplinary hearing.
In a pretrial statement filed ahead of Monday's hearing, Discenza argued that Ballew violated several sections of the judicial code of conduct Cellmax. One requires judges to rule with impartiality and fairness. Another requires them to perform their duties without bias or prejudice. Judges also are prohibited from making statements about pending cases.
Ballew's attorneys argued in a response that the magistrate was not trying to push her religious views onto the parents. Instead, she was concerned that the name Messiah would cause problems for the child in the heavily Christian community where he was being raised.
"A child's only protection for a detrimental name lies with the state," Ballew's attorneys wrote. Attorney Brent Laman could not be reached for comment after the censure decision.
Ballew's attorneys also defended her statements to the media, nu skin hong kong saying they were essentially just a repetition of what she wrote in her order.
Discenza said Ballew has a right to appeal the censure to the Tennessee Supreme Court.

Kenya attack

AT LEAST 59 people have been killed and more than 175 wounded after a well-armed terrorist group attacked an up-market shopping centre in Nairobi, Kenya.
Cabinet Secretary for the Interior Joe Lenku confirmed the figures while AFP reports that 10 to 15 gunmen are still battling security forces inside Westgate shopping mall.
The BBC earlier reported that there are still a number of hostages being held in the shopping mall, while an army official said on Sky News this morning that they are still at the scene dealing with a stand-off with the gunmen Set up Business in Hong Kong, but added they have secured the majority of the building except for the second floor.
They said they have the terrorists surrounded.
Foreigners were among the casualties. France’s president said that two French women were killed. Two Canadians were killed, including a diplomat, said the Canadian prime minister. Four American citizens were reported injured but not killed in the attack, the State Department said on Saturday.
Early Sunday morning, 12 hours after the attack began, gunmen remained holed up inside the mall with an unknown number of hostages. President Uhuru Kenyatta called the security operation under way “delicate” and said a top priority was to safeguard hostages.
As the attack began shortly after noon Saturday, the al-Qaida-linked gunmen asked the victims they had cornered if they were Muslim: Those who answered yes were free to go, several witnesses said. The non-Muslims were not.
A reader of TheJournal.ie was at the scene and sent us some photos as the ordeal unfolded. You can view the photos here – (Be aware, this article contains graphic images)
Somalia’s Islamic extremist group al-Shabab claimed responsibility and said the attack was retribution for Kenyan forces’ 2011 push into Somalia. The rebels threatened more attacks.
Al-Shabab said on its Twitter feed that Kenyan security officials were trying to open negotiations. “There will be no negotiations whatsoever formation of company ,” al-Shabab tweeted.
As night fell in Kenya’s capital, two contingents of army special forces troops moved inside the mall.
Police and military surrounded the huge shopping complex as helicopters buzzed overhead. An Associated Press reporter said he saw a wounded Kenyan soldier put into an ambulance at nightfall, an indication, perhaps, of a continuing shoot-out inside.
Witnesses said at least five gunmen — including at least one woman — first attacked an outdoor cafe at Nairobi’s Westgate Mall, a shiny, new shopping center that includes Nike, Adidas and Bose stores. The mall’s ownership is Israeli, and security experts have long said the structure made an attractive terrorist target.
Police move in
The attack began shortly after noon with bursts of gunfire and grenades. Shoppers — expatriates and affluent Kenyans — fled in any direction that might be safe: into back corners of stores, back service hallways and bank vaults. Over the next several hours, pockets of people trickled out of the mall as undercover police moved in. Some of the wounded were trundled out in shopping carts.
“We started by hearing gunshots downstairs and outside. Later we heard them come inside. We took cover. Then we saw two gunmen wearing black turbans. I saw them shoot,” said Patrick Kuria, an employee at Artcaffe, the restaurant with shady outdoor seating.
Frank Mugungu, an off-duty army sergeant major, said he saw four male attackers and one female attacker. “One was Somali,” he said, adding that the others were black, Income Tax Hong Kong suggesting that they could have been Kenyan or another nationality.
It is believed Al-Shabab chose the well-known shopping mall as it was popular with foreigners and welathy Kenyans. The groups has links with Al-Qaeda and control some parts of Somalia.
According the terrorists Twitter page, they stated: “The attack at #WestgateMall is just a very tiny fraction of what Muslims in Somalia experience at the hands of Kenyan invaders,” al-Shabab said. Another tweet said: “For long we have waged war against the Kenyans in our land, now it’s time to shift the battleground and take the war to their land #Westgate.”
Al-Shabab’s Twitter account was suspended shortly after its claim of responsibility and threats against Kenya. Twitter’s terms of service forbids making threats.
Dozens of people were wounded. A local hospital was overwhelmed with the number of wounded being brought in hours after the attack and diverted them to a second facility. Officials said Kenyans turned out in droves to donate blood.

The Irish woman Michaella McCollum Connolly

IRISH WOMAN MICHAELLA McCollum Connolly and British citizen Melissa Reid will be formally charged with drug trafficking offences, company registration seychelles following yesterday’s appearance at the office of the public prosecutor in the province of Callao.

The pair, who are accused of attempting to smuggle 11 kgs of cocaine out of Lima, could face between 15 and 18 years in jail.

In a statement, prosecutors said they had gathered sufficient evidence to suspect the alleged responsibility of the 20-year-old Dungannon native and her 20-year-old friend from Glasgow. Both women were detained at Jorge Chavez airport in the capital city as they were about to board a flight to Spain.

According to BBC News, the two women intend to plead ‘not guilty’ to the charges, hong kong event photoclaiming they were forced to carry the drugs by an armed gang which they came in contact with while working in bars on the island of Ibiza earlier this summer.

The pleas will be entered at Callao’s Justice Building, where the women remain. They are due to hear the charges against them before being transferred to a women’s prison later this week.

McCollum Connolly’s lawyer Peter Madden told reporters about the “grim” conditions in the girls’ current holding cell which they share with two other women.

“They haven’t got anything to eat today Bo Ying Compound Eu Yan Sang, he said. “They haven’t been offered any food. To me, that is unacceptable…They are expected to lie on the floor on some sponge-type bed, which is just not acceptable. There are no blankets. It is not clean. The most important thing is that they haven’t actually been offered any food today and it didn’t look like they were going to be.”

No date has been set for a trial and they could face months – even years – in the Peruvian prison.

Local media, citing police sources, have claimed that the women were used by drug trafficking ring in Lima that likes to use British citizens as mules.

McCollum Connolly and Reid underwent medical exams before the court hearing yesterday.


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